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Who are we?

We are Helvetia Holdings Group Technology Department and we must say a Major one. With offices around the world based out of Zurich, Switzerland, and Los Angeles, USA, our experience and credibility in this field stretches for almost 20 years.

Recently, we merged with a few companies in New York, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. We will continue expanding to create the biggest tech developing network out there.

P2P Developers

Worldwide Developers Union

Our peer-to-peer network consists of 1200 developers throughout the whole world with one goal: to give the client the best service in the shortest possible time with the most affordable price.

Every day, more developers with impressive portfolios and huge projects behind them join our team, and we guarantee that you will hear more and more about P2P developers in the future.


Web Solution Central

Our new partners from New York claim they are the "studio for beautifully crafted and expertly built digital products," and we totally agree with them.

This is the main reason we joined forces with Fabrika NYC and made them a part of our holding. They provide all that you need to successfully finalize your business endeavours when it comes to such things as design, strategy development and raising funds.

Our experts are here to assist you.

IT Creator

an European Precision Company

One of the first companies from Europe whose portfolio and expertise totally impressed us and we just had to make them a part of our holding is IT Creator.

This company has over 50 full-time IOS and Android programmers .They have been working for some of the biggest companies and startups worldwide and have created amazing apps.

Our experience and their knowledge are going to make your project development a smooth ride, guaranteed.

Machine Net Network

Old School strategists

This Los Angeles-based company, which was literally the pioneer in the web development business and was founded in 1995, is a major creator of early web products and patents that are still in use today.

They can take credit for "banner click-through programs" and call it their own—a predecessor for today's Google ads and other marketing tools.

They were reigning leaders on European soil. They developed many successful online stores, affiliate programs, dating websites, online music and movie streaming services and an early stage of today’s Facebook concept called Artist Union. Their experience is our business bloodline.

We try harder


We build beautiful mobile apps that are used and loved by millions.


From only $99/month

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Winners see problems as just another way to prove themselves. - D.J.T.

- Sasha Popa, CEO -

The product is secondary to the storytelling.- Zosia Mamet

- Vedran Duhacek, Senior Web Designer, Partner-

This time next year we'll be millionaires. - Del Boy

- Milos Randjic, Director of Operation Switzerland, Partner -

Our strategic

Case Studies


Concierge and Beyond

Conbey (or short for Conceirege and Beyond) is a Global service platform which is meant to provide access to a network of Concierge, Butlers ,other similar Agencies and e-lancers all over the world..

Case Study

No1 Medical App

Ladies only

It was necessary to develop an Android  app that must be suitable for women who will be able to discreetly monitor their cycles, days of ovulating and have reminders for birth control pills or any other medication.

Case Study


Ovde ide neki naslov

Since we have been approached by many upcoming startups with a request to help them find a suitable investors for their projects, we realized that very unique service is needed in this industry and took a chance to create first "Developer-Investor" matching System.

Case Study

No1 Android Widget

Always with you

we received very interesting request from a client of ours. He wanted us to build him an very unique countdown widget with amazing features. As simple as it sounds, it wasn't that easy knowing how many Widgets are already on the market.

Case Study

Sports and concert tickets

Book and buy tickets

One of the biggest Arenas in Europe which is famous for hosting major Sports and Music events has hired us to build and develop an App.

Case Study

App Rentals

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