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Conbey (short for Concierge and Beyond) is a global service platform that is meant to provide access to a network of concierge, butlers, other similar agencies and e-lancers all over the world.

The goal was to create a website where, with only few clicks of a mouse, concierges around the world would be able to grant any favor, request or service to a client around the world.

Additionally, we thought the client should be able to create an individual request based on personal preferences and requirements, post it into a Conbey network and let all the concierges available in that particular area bid for it.

This is a very particular approach that no one has ever thought about before.

This is a very particular approach that no one has ever thought about before.



1. Identify the target audience
2. Create a business plan and necessary docs.
3. Design the website and appg
4. Program the back and front end
5. Test it out
6. Release the alpha version
7. Fund the project
8. Market and execute

"Outstanding Experince. This is the best service since Amazon storeā€¦ "
-- ConBey user


Final result: was created with all the necessary external services, which all mobile phone users (iOS, Android) will be able to access .

Before we even launched the service, we had reached over a thousand concierges who were more than eager to sign up with us.

Each and every day we were getting new signups.

We are expecting to have 10,000 members in 2017, and with a proven marketing and execution plan, we will have over 200,000 by the end of 2018.

Scheduled Launch: September 2017.

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