No1 Medical App

Case Study



It was necessary to develop an Android app that would be suitable for women to be able to discreetly monitor their cycles, including their days of ovulation, and have reminders for birth control pills or any other medication.

The app needed to be easy to use and simple enough so that even older women, who are not that familiar with technology, could use it with ease and without problems. It also needed to have widgets that could be placed on a home screen so it is convenient to use at any moment and for women to be able to check which phase they are in. It needed to be applicable/usable for older as well as newer Android phones and tablets.

Highly effective but easy to use and simple enough so that even older women



1. Analyze the market and competitors
2. Inform doctors and medical professors
3. Write developing documents
4. Design the app
5. Program the app
6. Test it out
7. Launch and publish on Google Play

"Its very convenient,easy to use, and has lots of info! I love it and it helps me keep track of everything!"
-- Google Play Reviewer


Final result:

- #1 medical app in 60 countries on Google Play
- Over 5,000,000 installs
- 4.4 average rating in the Google store
- #1 app for menstrual cycle tracker, diary and calendar
- #1 app for ovulation and fertility days calculator, calendar and tracker

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