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Since we have been approached by many upcoming startups with a request to help them find suitable investors for their projects, we realized that a very unique service was needed in this industry, so we took a chance to create the first "developer-investor" matching system.

It is actually a very simple idea used by many dating services. The goal was to create and develop a criterion-driven matching algorithm that would link an investor with a developer based on their selected requirements.

What really makes this ervice unique is not only that a developer can find a suitable investor by going through a detailed but smooth questionnaire, but investors can also find the right projects where they can invest funds. This service is not meant for hedge funds or VCs, althoughthere is no limitation on investment size and everyone is welcome to join. It is perfectly suitable for regular people who can use their 10, 20, or 50 thousand dollar savings to directly communicate with project holders (developers) without being forced to go to financial advisors and institutions and end up paying commission on their hard-earned money.

This is the complete opposite of how the financial industry does business today.

This is the complete opposite of how the financial industry does business today.



1. Analyze the market and the demand for startups and investors
2. Write a business plan/develop documents
3. Create UI for web and mobile app
4. Program web application and rest feeds for mobile app.
5. Reach developers and investors globally and create a database
6. Test it out
7. Launch the program
8. Find investors and market your business

"This is the best service for both, startups and investors. I am using it every single day! Thanks!"
-- IMB user


Final result:

When Investor MatchBook (IMB) was created, it already had a few thousands projects waiting for capital infusion, as well as over 300 investors who were looking for the right financial opportunity in which to invest their money.

It has been projected that by middle of 2018, IMB will possess a portfolio of over 100,000 developers and investors worldwide.

Scheduled Launch: October 2017.

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