No1 Android Widget

Case Study



We received a very interesting request from a client of ours. He wanted us to build him a unique countdown widget with amazing features.

As simple as it sounds, it wasn't that easy, especially knowing how many widgets are already on the market. That alone was a challenge for us: to create something that was already available but still would stand out.

A widget should be functional, with beautiful visual effects. Users can use it as a countdown and planner for any important day in life such as a birthday, a holiday, traveling arrangements, sporting events, etc.

Countdown and planner for any important day in life!



1. Analyze competitors
2. Prepare graphic elements of over 100 different widgets
3. Develop application
4. Integrate with Facebook, Google and all other social media events
5. Test it out
6. Publish on Google Play

"This is a great way to help my kids countdown the days to exciting events. Absolutely no glitches or issues or ads. Easy and fun!"
-- Google Play Reviewer


Final result:

- It turned out to be the No.1 countdown app and widget on Google Play
- Over 8 million downloads
- Small, medium and large widgets were created, based on client requests
- Capability to import all Facebook events and all public holidays for more than 50 countries, and still importing
- Backup and seamlessly share events with multiple devices

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Available for: Android